Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Vi har bowlat idag!!!

Första gången för mig och givetvis kom jag sist, men lika glad är jag för det. Jag fick ju ner käglor i alla fall, inte alla klot rullade ner i rännan.

We have been bowling today!!!

This was the first time for me and of course I was last, but I am happy anyway. I managed to get down some of the "käglor", not all of my "balls" went into the gutter.
Sigh - anybody know any good bowling terms in English?

Käglor = PINS
Rännan = the place on either side of the bowling lane

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Anonymous said...

Strike - When you knock down all ten pins with your first ball.
Spare - When you knock down all ten pins but use both of the balls in your turn.
The bit down the side of the lane is called the Gutter.

Lily Densaugeo