Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wish me luck ...

Wish me luck - I am trying to sew the EASY snowflake table runner again. 
After sewing the side fabric on the main fabric - at least three sides are finished - it is still looking good. 

I feel so stupid ...

Today I was going to finish the bracelet I began with yesterday.
I didn't know how many beads I would need so I put ten on the string - thinking that I could remove those that are unnecessary. 

Take a close look at the photo. Do you see why it isn't possible? I do!

Friday, November 21, 2014

FNSI - Friday Night Sew In

Sigh - I was going to join the FNSI today. Everything was ready. I had bought beautiful wintry fabric, found a very easy pattern for a table runner with appliqued snowflakes - and it went wrong. 
My rotary cutter isn't as sharp at it should be so it made a mess out of the fabric. I had actually sewn the "side panels" on the center fabric when I realized how wrong and twisted it was so I threw it away. I tried to save it but it just didn't turn out good. 
So task for tomorrow - buy a new rotary cutter. 
Instead of sewing I am making a bracelet called shamballa-bracelet.