Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Idag tar jag det lugnare - today I am taking it slower

Idag blir det inga långa promenader. Nu, i skrivande stund är jag uppe i strax över 10.000 steg. Tog en promenad mitt på dagen, gick Långsjörundan i solskenet. Massvis med fjärilar och såg även årets första arbetande myra.

Ikväll ska vi scappa, så jag har förberett mig genom att skriva ut foton, samt tänka ut layouter.

Today there will be no long walks. Now, when I write I have walked just over 10.000 steps. Took a walk during midday. I walked the short Långsjöround. Saw plenty of butterflyes and this years first working ant.

Today we are going to scrap, so I have prepared by printing out photos, samt thinking about how I will make the layouts.

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blueberries in the fields said...

Hi Hanna, thanks for visiting my boring blog ;) oh you know, summers in Quebec canada last about 3 months but can be very hot and spring is usually warm and beautiful. But not this year, we had a very harsh winter with tons of snow, big snowstorms. We still have snowbanks up to 3 meters high! Beurk ! But that is mostly along the roads where there were wild snowdrifts. I don't think spring is going to be really warm until the begining of may, so i have to be patient. We are still wearing winter jackets. Lucky you to have nice weather ! I will have to do some research about needle felting, thanks ! have a nice evening, i guess it must be late already in Sweden. :)