Friday, December 26, 2008

The Phelan family chronicles

Så här skrev Suzi från Oregon på en blogg:

Over 25 years ago I asked my family of non letter writers / good intentions procrastinators, to write me one letter a year - just one, in November ... and I would put them together into a family newspaper, then send it back to them at Christmas.

Out of sixteen different families I asked this of - I got 15 letters back that first year. Each year the number goes up ... if one family member doesn't write, another starts - even as young as 8 years old!

We've had distant 'kissin cousins' who were not well known by us, who have joined and bonded us closer together now. It is such a family treasure - a gift to each other!! One we've all shown over and over to friends who have tried and failed to copy the idea, as our idea just keeps growing stronger year after year.

The paper has gone from my first efforts of reading difficult hand writing, typing, cut and pasting then photocopying - to computerized electronic letters with photos attachments, downloading and COLOR printing.
Wow! What a change.


Visst är det en rolig ide`?


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